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When do you use a ASA or a Concentrator

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  • When do you use a ASA or a Concentrator

    I have 2 physical LAN's and I want to connect them together. do I use a ASA/PIX or concentrator or both. I want VPN, network access and security

    1.what is the typical scenario?
    2.can't a ASA do both?
    3.Why use a concentrator?

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    Re: When do you use a ASA or a Concentrator

    I'm not really sure how to start answering this questions as I do not know the size of your 2 LANs, nor do I know the connection media to connect the 2 LANs (T1, Fiber, broadband internet, etc).

    Under the assumption that both sites have their own dedicated internet connection, I think ASA is the way to go. The ASA will provide internet connectivity for your site as well as VPN and site to site connectivity.

    The concentrator, especially from Cisco is a large sum of money and mainly used for strictly VPN connection and provides nothing else outside of that.
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