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WebVPN reset login?

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  • WebVPN reset login?

    First of we setup WebVPN and we can login just fine and access network resources.

    One issue that has been troubling our users (and I confirmed it to be a pita) for a good week so far is that once someone logs in, and they forget to click "log out" link, but instead just closes out of their browser, when they try log back into our WebVPN it says "Login failed" and then they have to wait for "XX" minutes.

    We connect to IAS for authentication and if they don't "X" out of their browser they can login just fine.

    Is there anyway that I can set it so that if they do the above for it to allow them to log back in immediately?

    I've googled my heart out and cannot find one post that is vaguely similar to the issue that i'm experiencing.