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Password Recovery for the PIX 501

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  • Password Recovery for the PIX 501

    I purchaced a Cisco PIX firewall and found out that I needed a Rollover cable and then bought it. I have followed the directions below.

    I am using :

    1 PC
    1 Pix Firewall 501

    pc conect to pix by console cable to the serial port and ethernet patch cable to pix port 1 and ehternet port on pc.

    * Boot the PIX again and immediately after the reboot as it is coming back up and displaying text in your console send a break sequence with your keyboard. If you are using Hyperterminal with Windows the break sequence is Ctrl-Break.
    This will send the PIX into Monitor status and you will see the following prompt on the PIX:monitor>
    Patch your computer into the inside or outside interface on the PIX via a standard CAT 5 cable (i.e. patch from your computers NIC to one of the PIXs interfaces).

    This next statement tells me to change the static ip address for the PC nic to

    *Give your computer an IP address. For this example, lets use with a netmask of

    *Start up your TFTP server program and keep it running.
    Tell the PIX which interface you will be connecting to, as follows:monitor> interface 1
    ---note interface 1 is inside, interface 0 is outside.

    *Give the PIX a temporary IP address on the same network as your computer, as follows:monitor> address
    *Tell the PIX the IP address of the TFTP server (your computer)
    monitor> server

    I downloaded the np63.bin to the C:\Program Files\TTERMPRO directory

    *Told the PIX which file to copy:
    monitor> file np63.bin
    file np63.bin

    *Started the TFTP copy
    monitor> tftp

    This is what I get:

    monitor> tftp
    tftp [email protected]

    It should copy very quickly. It does not and just hangs.

    Any Ideas?

    At this point it just hangs and doesn't do anything but make the pix port flicker

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    Re: Password Recovery for the PIX 501

    It has been a while but I believe you can also ping from monitor mode, can you try to ping the TFTP server?
    Have you also tried forcing the PC's interface to 10baseT or something different?
    If you wait for 5 / 10 minutes do you eventually get a timeout?

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      Re: Password Recovery for the PIX 501

      this will help you.
      Best Regards ,
      Manish Nadkarni