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ASA export/legal question

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  • ASA export/legal question

    Ok, put aside the license ramifications for the moment, I am concerned about a different aspect of this. Here is my situation. I am looking to sell a couple firewalls on ebay(5505s/5510s). I have had potental buyers ask if I would ship internationally. before, I have always said no, due to not wanting to deal with crypto export. However I would like a clarification on what can be exported, and what the requirements are. I know that certain countries are off limits, expeically for this type of technology, and even if they werent it wouldnt be wise. However am looking more at "western alliance" countries, such as most in the EU, Canada, AU, NZ, etc. The wording on the BIS website is confusing as best, and I am a network engineer, not a lawyer.

    In summary, I want to know what I have to do to legally sell a network device, such as a firewall, overseas, that is capable of strong crypto, such as 3des/aes256, and if there are different requirements for what countries. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: ASA export/legal question

    Not sure what advice could be offered aside from consult a solicitor qualified in that area? Nothing said on public forums can be taken as definitive fact so to cover yourself and us I don't think it wise to say any further.

    Maybe search for overseas shipping restrictions from the country you are in? (very basic comment which I'm sure you've already done!).

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      Re: ASA export/legal question

      thanks for the reply. I have done some looking but anything i find is very legalese, and vague. I was just thinking maybe someone else on here has traded/sold cisco crypto equip overseas. I know anything on here cant be taken as legal advice i was hoping more for a starting point. BTW Im in the US.