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Access to internal server via public ip

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  • Access to internal server via public ip

    The setup is a bit odd, but here it is:

    I have a server that is inside my network (not in a dmz), that is accessible from the Internet.

    I would like users internally to access the Public IP address of this server. They'd basically hit the Pix and hairpin back to the IP of the server internally.

    Is this doable.

    Running 6.3 code.

    What combo of acls and statics etc. would be needed?

    any help is help at this point.

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    Re: Access to internal server via public ip

    If they hairpin back then why the public IP if they are only going to the private IP? Wouldn't you want your users to access the name rather than IP anyway?
    You can setup split DNS to perform this.

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      Re: Access to internal server via public ip

      I'm not sure if I'm following... our 877 router has a static NAT entry listening on port 42000 (for instance) on our single public addrss. If you hit that port, you get redirected to port 42000 on the private internal address of one of our servers.

      Is that what you mean ?

      (this is of course entirely a random example)
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