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Another ASMD portforward failure

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  • Another ASMD portforward failure


    I have a ASA5520 where i need to do a portforward on one of the interfaces. I have 50-60 ipadresses configured as seperate interfaces in the box, every interface gets tagged with a VLAN and gets disturbed to different places via VLAN switches. All of these have "internet IP addresses" and every thing is allowed both in and out on these as there is firewalls where these get NATed into own nets out in the building.

    But this interface have a LAN IP, and is NATed in the ASA via an "Dynamic NAT Rule" to a own outside IP address. I want to configure a few ports to get forwarded to, lets say, on the inside from the outside adress "" but i cant get it done. If someone were able to help me with some instructions I would be very glad?

    I use ASDM 6.0 to administrate the ASA, and i call the interface in particular "LabbLan"

    I have attached the configurations i have done to this interface, and i have tried to make a static NAT rule, but I am doing something wrong.

    what should I do more the forward for example port 25 to
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    Re: Another ASMD portforward failure

    forget it, i god it right, I am now sitting of site, did not get it right when i was trying on the same site but from another interface, what could it then be that was wrong?


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      Re: Another ASMD portforward failure

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