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EasyVPN HW Client: DHCP relay and Mgmt access? (ASA5500)

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  • EasyVPN HW Client: DHCP relay and Mgmt access? (ASA5500)


    I'm relativelly new to Cisco ASA and IOS, given that my background is Linux and Windows server. Either way, I think I already know the basics and I can do most of the things.

    Now, I need to setup a ASA 5505 on a remote branch, that will connect to a ASA 5520 on the corporate network. I am not able to get a public IP or PAT on the remote branch, so I am considering using EasyVPN NEM (does site-to-site works with a dynamic IP on one end?).
    I already setup the connectivity on both ASA, and I can ping nodes on both ends.
    But now I want to setup two more features:
    - DHCP Relay
    - Management access to the remote ASA

    As far as I can see, the remote ASA 5505 can't ping or communicate with the nodes on the corporate. Only the nodes behing it are able to do so. This means that the remote ASA can't contact the DHCP server on the coporate network, making it impossible to use it. I have a workaround to have the switch connected to the ASA acting as the DHCP relay server, but this is not what I really want given that I want to connect some phones to the ASA PoE ports.
    Is there any way to make the ASA itself communicate with the corporate network using EasyVPN NEM?

    Second thing: I want to be able to manage the remote ASA from a computer on the corporate network, using the remote ASA inside IP address. Is there any to accomplish this?

    Thanks for your time,