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PIX - NAT Help

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  • PIX - NAT Help


    Let me describe my current situation.

    We have got our webmail server that people access externally from home, internet cafe etc which is

    This works fine, always has done.

    Now we have just added a Wireless AP on a New Wireless DMZ in the office and people want to be able to access webmail from here on laptops, iphones etc.

    What is the best way to do this?

    What would I need to allow between DMZ2 (WiFi) & DMZ1 (OWA)?

    What would I need to allow between DMZ2 (WiFi) & Inside (LAN)?

    Second question is this.

    I want to assign a public IP Address to the Wireless Clients, the Wireless Clients are getting the DHCP address from the PIX and the range is x.x.x.193 - x.x.x.206

    So how can I assign a static to this range?

    Thanks in advance for all help


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    Re: PIX - NAT Help

    For the first question, regarding NAT, I assume that the wifi zone (DMZ2) has a higher security level compared with OWA (DMZ1). If this is the case, then the best option is to configure nat/global between DMZ2 and DMZ1 and maybe do PAT on the DMZ1 interface in order to access the Webmail server.

    Now between DMZ2 and Inside, you will need to configure static nat so that DMZ2 will be able to access Inside hosts.