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Adding backup Internet connection to ASA 5510

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  • Adding backup Internet connection to ASA 5510

    I have chosen to use the management port on my ASA5510 (no management-only) for a satellite backup solution. I have done the following to make it as close to possible as my existing outside interface:

    assigned it to the same access group
    assigned it the same security level (0)
    global nat

    I assigned the man0/0 int an IP address (public) that is in the subnet that my provider gave me.

    It shows the connected route when I "sh route"

    I can ping the sat router from the firewall but can not ping it from anwhere else on my network.

    I could ping the SAT router (through my regular Internet connection) until I assigned the Man int an IP address in the SAT ISPs subnet (thus causing the C route). Now I can't ping it

    I also can ping the next hop (different ISP subnet) in the SAT network until I put a route in the firewall that points to my man0/0 int. Once that route is in, I can't ping it.

    If I hook up a laptop to the SAT router w/ a crossover, it works fine.

    Any ideas?
    Thank you,


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    Re: Adding backup Internet connection to ASA 5510

    Here is how I have it set up and working:

    route outside x.x.x.x 1 track 1

    route Satellite x.x.x.x 254

    sla monitor 123
    type echo protocol ipIcmpEcho (ip address to be tracked) interface outside
    num-packets 3
    frequency 10

    sla monitor schedule 123 life forever start-time now

    track 1 rtr 123 reachability
    Thank you,



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      Re: Adding backup Internet connection to ASA 5510

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