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PIX 525 static NAT problem

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  • PIX 525 static NAT problem

    Hello everyone, i have problems with a PIX 525 NAT config.

    PIX v 7.0, with 2 web servers on port 80 in the inside (dmz), i have only 1 public ip in the outside.

    I need all the trafic that comes to the public IP to point to 1 of the web servers, but ONLY the trafic from a specific IP need to be redirected to the other web server.

    Actually, a static nat rule points all the outside trafic to one of the web servers, i try to send only the trafic from a unique externañ IP to the other server with policy nat, but cant make another static nat rule with the same outside IP.

    There is any way to make a config like this? I cant find any config like this in the www.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: PIX 525 static NAT problem

    Pretty sure it isn't possible I'm afraid. You can only static ports one to one.

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