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Cisco ASA 5520

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  • Cisco ASA 5520

    plz consider the following scenario

    Inside network Outside network

    -------------( ASA Firewall---- ( INTERNET

    • Nating is done correctly
    • ASA inside interface ( trust level 100

    ASA outside interface ( trust level 0

    I have enabled remote desktop connection on the Server and locally I am able to connect from PC using the ip

    I have also mapped a public IP i.e to with port 3389.(both nating and accesslist is there)
    From outside when I use remote desktop connection with ip, I can connect successfully no problem

    The problem is that I want to use rdp using to connect to the server while I am working locally (inside network). i.e from PC.

    Before when we were using Juniper firewall I was able to connect using locally.

    The point is that while I am using with rdp to connect to my local server ( it shud go to internet thru ASA and then come back to the inside network thru ASA again (like a loop). With juniper it was working. I think that some conf need to be done in ASA.
    I have searched a lot but still I am not able to find the solution.
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    Re: Cisco ASA 5520

    The PIX didn't support traffic going out and back in the same interface so I would imagine the ASA doesn't too although there are some other things involved.

    Personally thought, why do you have to use IP addresses? Why not setup DNS records so you can connect to "" internally and externally. The users don't know the difference and there is no load on the firewall.
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