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ASA 5510 with 2 ADSL link

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  • ASA 5510 with 2 ADSL link

    Hi , everyone.

    I am wondering is it possible ASA 5510 can achieve this following scenario.

    I am using 1 ASA 5510 and 1 Cisco 850 router in my office.

    Current Scenario

    LAN --> ASA 5510 --> CISCO 850 --> ADSL Modem --> WAN

    1) VPN setup in ASA 5510

    My Upgrade Planning
    My existing ISP is not stable so I decide to apply another ISP into my side.

    Problem facing
    1) CISCO 850 router just have 1 WAN port , other is 4 LAN port so I can not
    plug in the new ADSL modem (New ISP) into this router.

    2) ASA 5510 got remaining Ethernet Port so I will plug the new ADSL modem
    into it.

    LAN --> ASA 5510 --> CISCO 850 --> ADSL Modem --> WAN
    (New) ADSL modem

    3) I would like to do the modification like below :
    New ADSL Line cater for Internet Browsing
    Old ADSL LIne cater for VPN and other specific network

    I will put static route to old ADSL line . (Pass packet to CISCO 850)
    Default route pass to new ADSL modem.

    May I know this planning can work or not?

    Thanks your advice.