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PIX 515E configuration

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  • PIX 515E configuration

    That's my actual situation:

    isp router - 1 public IP, 1 inside interface with address, routing all ports from public ip to

    PIX 515 E, 3 interfaces

    outside: -
    inside: -
    dmz: -

    now i got a new connection from my isp, until 5th of september i'll be able to use the old one and the new one, so i'm trying to configure simultaneously the two.

    new isp router comes with 16 public ip - x.y.z.48/28 (all different from the single public ip i already had, obviously)

    router has x.y.z.49, pingable from the internet

    The isp told me to configure "my pcs" in this way:

    x.y.z.A (A goes from 50 to 62)
    gateway x.y.z.49

    i tried to add a vlan interface on the outside interface of the pix usign .50 as ip address, then i tried to ping, from ADSM, the router (.49) and no way, it failed.

    I don't even know if what i'm trying is correct, i'm relatively new at networking (i mean, configuring other than basic networks)

    Can i use the vlan trick or should i have to use a 4th physical interface?