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PIX 515E fail over bundle - Session

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  • PIX 515E fail over bundle - Session

    Hello All,

    We have PIX 515E fail over bundle, both the pix are configured in active/passive mode, recently we have started facing the issue with the session between two perticular server where the pix is in between them.

    For example:

    I have serverA and serverB both talk to each other via pix, there is one service running on ServerB say it "mysql" and there is a application on ServerA which connects to mysql service on ServerB.

    Now what happening here is, after several days we noticed that there are many connection from ServerA in "ESTABLISHED" state on ServerB. The connection that we can see on ServerA are limited but even if we reboot the ServerA still connections on ServerB remains "Established", now unless we reboot serverB or restart the network of serverB the connection does not go and sometime we face issue in getting new connections from serverB.

    Has any one faced this kind issue before, and is it anything to do with the firewall's stateful session maintaining feature?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    Lai Bhari