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CISCO ASA 5510 Terminal Services Issue

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  • CISCO ASA 5510 Terminal Services Issue

    We are running CISCO ASA 5510, software version 8.0(2) to terminate web based VPN session where users can then run Terminal Services on our companies TS box.
    Users can login successfully with their nice little remote secure vpn fob, then browse to the Terminal Services shortcut...they can even log into the terminal server and get access to everything they need.......then whats the problem i hear you scream??
    Well the thing is, the terminal service session opens up into a new window (which is exactly what i wanted) but comes up as a really small window. The resolution is too small to work effectivly, as users cant see all the screen of our business system. (You can see the login on the attachement which shows the pop up window that appears)
    This works fine if they terminal service in via our standard client vpn or while on the LAN, running remote desktop, so iam guessing the terminal server config is fine.
    The kit we are using is Cisco ASA 5510, software version 8.0(2).
    I cant see anywhere within the config to make this new window full screen as i think this would solve the issue. I also briefly looked into modfiying the java class scared, then ran away.
    Any help on this would be appreciated.
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    Re: CISCO ASA 5510 Terminal Services Issue

    Ok....problem now resolved.
    A new Terminal Services plugin was released this Feb which allows you to configure the following:


    Which means i can force the resolution!!