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ASA 5510 and NAT to differenet VLANS

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  • ASA 5510 and NAT to differenet VLANS


    I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out how to NAT to different VLANS from the outside. I must be doing something very simple incorrect. Basically NAT works fine to VLAN 1. But I set up VLAN 5 and from the ASA device I can ping everything fine, but I can't get across the firewall to the device. When I put the device in VLAN 1 it works fine. Since I have 4 ethernet ports I set the IP address of one of those as an IP for VLAN 5. should I be using subinterfaces? Or should I set up an "interface vlan 5" on the asa and assign an ip address to that. Pointing me to any sample configs would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: ASA 5510 and NAT to differenet VLANS


    Not sure if you have figured this out but make sure that your routing is setup properly for the ASA. If you could supply as simple diagram with sample of your config I could be of more assistance.