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PIX v8 / ADSM v6 - pros & cons

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  • PIX v8 / ADSM v6 - pros & cons


    We're (finally) going to implement a pix to pix VPN between sites. One site is on 6.x the other 7.x.

    The 6.x is having the memory upgraded to 128MB so both units should be able to go to 8.x.

    As 8.x is still releatively new, just wondering what the pro's and cons are between 7.x and 8.x and their respective versions of ADSM?

    Would it be better to go to 8.x on both before establishing the VPN?

    Many thanks!

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    Re: PIX v8 / ADSM v6 - pros & cons

    I don't know anything about the changes, but I'd probably hold off with the site to site till both devices are on the same versions. I ran into some very annoying problems going from a 6.x to a 7.x because the AES encryption was not implemented the same. We ended up going with 3DES to the VPN up.