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Pix VPN routes across WAN

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  • Pix VPN routes across WAN

    I just set up a PIX 506e remote access VPN which is working well. However, I can only ping devices on the same network that the PIX is located on. If I use RDP to log in to my work PC while connected via VPN, from my work PC I can ping the address the PIX assigned to my home PC, which is on the same network (the VPN pool is a subset of the IP address block my work PC is on). But I cannot ping devices across my WAN from my home PC, nor can I ping my home PC from a device across the WAN. I can resolve their IP addresses since I have internal DNS forwarded to VPN clients. While at work, all networks can ping each other. I also set up static routes on the PIX to each of my other networks. I've searched for a solution and saw something about routing VPN IP pools, but I'm unclear how to proceed. Thanks for any assistance!

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    Re: Pix VPN routes across WAN

    You will need to create an access-list to allow the VPN pool ip's to other network/subnets.
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