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Cisco Pix 525 and web access monitoring

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  • Cisco Pix 525 and web access monitoring

    We're about to purchase a Cisco PIX 525 but we're unsure whether it can do the following:

    1 Web usage statistics, i.e what time os the day is the web used more often?
    2 The ability to provide data on which PC or user has visited which website and at what time.
    3 Is it possible to block website access to only a group of users? one user?

    Can anyone assist with info on this? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Cisco Pix 525 and web access monitoring

    HI pdania,

    I don't think that an Cisco PIX or ASA can do any of these things.

    You can do web usage reports if you send the PIX logs off to a syslog server, then use some analysis software on it. Still, you aren't going to get "usernames" or "groups", only IP addresses.

    Now, Microsoft's ISA server, on the other hand, combined with some of the 3rd party add on products could do this kind of stuff.

    In my case, we moved from ISA to Fortinet firewalls, combinded with their fortilog. It can do some of this stuff but we are waiting on a stable version of their latest code so it can recognize Windows AD users and groups.

    With the PIX, you could block all sorts of IP addresses to prevent access to multiple IP addresses but none of that works by Windows AD users.

    Now, maybe one of the latest ASA boxes can do more but I haven't heard of it yet.

    Let us know how this project is going as I am curious what solution you end up with.

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      Re: Cisco Pix 525 and web access monitoring

      thanks for your reply, I agree with you that having a Firewall+Proxyserver+Webfilter/Monitor in one box is impossible, I think my manger has all but decided to go with Sophos WS1000 Web Appliance but Surfcontrol are also trying to get us to buy theirs...Ideally we wanted everything in one box.