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Pix 506e and Win2K Server VPN question

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  • Pix 506e and Win2K Server VPN question

    Hi everyone,

    I am having trouble setting up a simple remote access VPN.

    We have a PIX 506e firewall, and a Windows 2k Server Domain Controller.

    Ive tried to use the VPN Wizard in PDM (dont laugh!) to set up both Cisco VPN and PPTP VPN....

    I also used IAS in Windows 2K to set up a RADIUS server for authentication. RADIUS or TACAS is necessary if you want to logon to a domain, correct??

    I also made sure the usernames I am trying to logon with are allowed to logon with dialup/vpn.....

    Now in the past I have gotten PPTP to work fine....but never a Cisco VPN. But as of now, I cant figure out what I am doing wrong - I am getting authentication problems when the VPN attempts to logon to the domain.

    I am not at work right now, so I dont know the exact error messages that appear in the Domain Controllers Event Log, but I will post them later.

    Anyway I was wondering if someone could please tell me the steps required to set up a Cisco VPN w/a PIX firewall and a Windows 2000 domain.


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    Re: Pix 506e and Win2K Server VPN question

    I do not know all of the steps personally but a quick google search brought me to this page: I believe this will have the info you need. Hope it helps!
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      Re: Pix 506e and Win2K Server VPN question

      Hi Mike,

      How is this going? Any luck?
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