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Cisco VPN 3000 and Exchange 2003 access

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  • Cisco VPN 3000 and Exchange 2003 access


    We have set up a test network for 3rd party companies we work with to access test Exchange 2003 servers in a test segment we set up. They will be accessing the test network via VPN. We are using a Cisco VPN 3000 concentrator. The users are telling us that they can VPN into the network, but cannot communicate with the Exchange servers and cannot add their client machines to the test domain. Can someone tell me what protocols I need to open up or what else I need to do?


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    Re: Cisco VPN 3000 and Exchange 2003 access

    I would start with providing full access and see if they can ping (all IP and all ICMP). Once they can ping the exchange server, you probably want to look up the port for Exchange RPC traffic and add that, along with maybe ICMP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, HTTP, and HTTPS (depending on what type of connectivity they are needing to the exchange server).

    If you want to post some configs or screen shots maybe I can assist more.

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