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    Hello, guys!
    I would like to tell for those of you who use Netflow protocol for the means of traffic accounting (e.g. for UTM billing) that it is possible to use an opensource PC-based daemon NDSAD instead of Cisco routers. It is suitable for starting ISP companies.

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    Re: NetFlow collector

    Hi MсSheen,

    Thanks for your post. It sounds a bit like you are advertising this product here (and you know that isn't permitted) but I'll try to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are just trying to help us out by recommending a good FREE Netflow collector. Anyhow, I don't see how you could make any money advertising an opensource download.

    Yes, Netflow is awesome. It is so much better than SNMP. With SNMP, you can see what your utilization is. With Netflow you can see what is CAUSING that utilization (what traffic is eating my bandwidth?)

    I looked at the product you recommended and it looks like it is using NetFlow to perform some kind of bandwidth billing. Maybe it would be a good application for someone who worked at an ISP.

    For us Network Admin's, I recommend the Netflow collector, below. It is also FREE and it is very useful for determining what is eating your bandwidth. It has some cool graphs too.

    Network Scrutinizer by Plixer

    I'll be honest, I'm not advertising this product, only recommending it. They did send me a coffee mug once so I'll be upfront in divulging my "kickbacks". I promptly donated the coffee mug to charity.

    Does anyone out there use Netflow for your network analysis? If so, what Netflow collector do you use?

    Have a great day,
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      Re: NetFlow collector

      sure i have reviewed a few recently.

      Prtg - nice product reports were nicely done though it is a bit tough to change graph bar properties an dset margins on the reports that come out pdf. overall worked well.

      Plixer - very nice GUI, web based reports need a bit more work but none the less setup was easy and had valuable info in minutes.

      ntop - now that is a pretty good open source free product. takes a little configuration out of the box but for free one of the best!!

      i think netflow is finally catching on. Why stick a HW applicance between your router and DSU, too much work. With netflow you can have data in 5 minutes and start analaysis in an hour. SNMP has it's place but netflow is the way to go.

      just my 2 cents!!