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https traffic and MTU

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  • https traffic and MTU

    Need to help:

    I have Cisco router, I can connect to internet with http protocol but not with https?

    Some people said I can be MTU size, but I can't understand the relation between https traffic and MTU?

    Someone have Idea?

    Thank you
    MCSE 2003

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    Re: https traffic and MTU

    Hi Elyounsi,

    Thank you for posting your question here.

    I have never heard of MTU affecting HTTPS traffic. I have heard of MTU affecting VPN traffic before so I suppose it is possible. Do you have a firewall in place that may be affecting the HTTPS traffic? Have you tried multiple websites that have HTTPS (not just one)? Can you use HTTPS on your internal network (without going through the Cisco router?)

    These are just some thoughts I had to try to narrow down where the issue is really coming from. Let me know.

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