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    I've been tasked with setting up (3) VLANs which need to allow access for certain people to resouces on all (3) VLANs.

    So far I have a test using (2) VLANs and I'm just about to add a lolipop router but I saw something about overlapping VLANs and I wondered if anyone had experiance using this and / or examples?



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    Re: VLAN Examples

    Hi Rmulders,

    Thanks for the post!

    There should be no issue with adding multiple VLAN's. I have a switch here and can make 20+ VLANs without issue. If you have a Layer 3 switch, the switch can perform the trunking to connect the VLAN's. If you have a regular layer 2 switch, you would have a router running trunking on an interface to connect the VLAN's. The VLAN's should be all on different subnets. You would have to select a trunk protocol- either Cisco's ISL or IEEE 802.1q.

    I did write this article about L3 Switches and VLAN's. Perhaps it would help-

    Also, here is Cisco's LAN Switching site:

    Let me know what you are trying to do and I would be glad to assist any way I can!

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