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Cisco Pix 506 kills my internet when connected through VPN?

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  • Cisco Pix 506 kills my internet when connected through VPN?

    Well that pretty much sums it up

    Sitting at home with my laptop and Cisco VPN client installed I can connect to the PIX and get into our company LAN alright. I can access fil shares, printers and server without problems.
    But my internet dies. No websites or MSN or anything.

    Disconnect the VPN and I'm back on my own LAN with full internet access.

    How do I get internet and VPN at the same time, either using my own internet connection or the company internet connection?

    Thanks for any inputs you might have.

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    Re: Cisco Pix 506 kills my internet when connected through VPN?

    Hi JanTM,

    What you want is a called a "split tunnel". A spilt tunnel is where you can surf the Internet and access your office through the VPN tunnel at the same time.

    Many companies don't allow this because it is a security risk. In theory, someone from the Internet could take control of your PC, then get in the company LAN.

    You may or may not have the access to allow a split tunnel on your Cisco VPN client, depending on the network admin's security settings. In Windows, you can allow for a split tunnel by unchecking "use default gateway on remote network" under your advanced TCP/IP properties for the VPN tunnel (graphic attached).

    I did a search and found this doc on the Cisco VPN client and split tunnel.

    It says this:
    Split tunneling = The ability to simultaneously direct packets over the Internet in clear text and encrypted through an IPSec tunnel. The VPN device supplies a list of networks to the VPN Client for tunneled traffic. You enable split tunneling and configure the network list on the VPN device.

    So you might try your "network list", whereever that is in the config (I don't have the Cisco VPN client loaded).

    Let us know if you have any luck, or not.

    Thanks for posting!
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