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  • help Dlink 604 i

    Hi people sorry this is my first post but i have problem i need stop ddos attack to my server i have one Dlink 604 i and i know i can stop that with my router firewall here is the picture i need to know how i can deny service for dont have more problems thanks !!

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    Re: help Dlink 604 i

    Hi fer-fer
    Thanks for the post.
    I understand you are trying to stop DoS attacks. There are many types of DoS attacks. In general, a DoS attack is just traffic that keeps you from using your network or a server. Sometimes, they are ping (ICMP) attacks. In that case, I would just configure the firewall to not allow ICMP to the WAN port.
    I see that the list of current rules has a rule that appears to do this.
    I am unfamiliar with this interface and cant really determine if that rule and the firewall are enabled.
    I would enable the firewall and that first rule, to deny all ICMP from the WAN.
    This should help to stop DoS attacks that use ICMP.
    Let me know if that helps or if I can help further.
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