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cisco pix vpn connection problem

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  • cisco pix vpn connection problem

    i have a problem with cisco pix firewall version 6.3
    we have a cisco pix firewall version 6.3 at our center office and users in two other locations make connection to this pix. This is a vpn over ipsec connection.they use cisco vpn client 4.0.3 (C) After connecting to pix they log in to the windows 2000 server by remote desktop and use a accounting program.

    one of the users work in a customer's office once a day. From this location she connects to pix with her laptop and get ip from pix but after that she can't connect to the server with remotoe desktop. she can't ping to server. after about 15 minutes the connection is lost.
    this laptop can connect from other locations there is no problem.

    the it manager of this location says "laptop can get ip so we cant make any changes to our system.
    so can we do something on pix to?

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    Re: cisco pix vpn connection problem

    Most of known issues occur due MTU or third party application problem (firewall/antivirus etc.) Please disable any antivirus/firewall on the workstation and try again. Also, try to run:

    netsh winsock reset
    netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

    on the workstation and use Cisco VPN Client utility to decrease the size of the MTU.

    If this wouldnt helps, try to use other ISP or/and another computer on the client side.

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    Best Regards,

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      Re: cisco pix vpn connection problem

      i will try these
      when i go to this company


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        Re: cisco pix vpn connection problem

        I have had this problem a number of times as I have used PIX and their VPN client for many years. In most cases it was down to the (client's) firewall blocking the traffic. VPNs don't really like NAT environments and if the firewall isn't VPN friendly then it can cause no traffic to go across. Getting an IP address isn't enough if the traffic doesn't route.

        Have you tested this machine from another site to see if it works correctly there? If it does, then it would indicate the firewall as being at fault.

        As a side note, that is a really old version of the PIX VPN client that you are using there. The latest is 4.8 something.
        You may also want to look at this security alert regarding the PIX client software.

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          Re: cisco pix vpn connection problem

          i have same problem did anybody find solution.