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  • Ehwic-1ge-sfp-cu

    Hi guys,

    does this fiber module EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU support intervlan routing in cisco router

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    Re: Ehwic-1ge-sfp-cu

    Fiber modules don't route, they simply convert an optical signal to an electrical one. The router itself does the inter-vlan routing (clue is in the name).
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      Re: Ehwic-1ge-sfp-cu

      After reading the data sheet on this module...

      1) It can only be used on an ISR G2 router (3900, 2900, 1900 series)
      2) Either the copper or SFP interface can be configured at layer 3. So inter-vlan routing should work using sub-interfaces.

      But the ISR G2 routers use the Universal IOS image which is licensed for IPBASE by default (unless you ordered a bundled package like SECURITY or UC). Inter-vlan routing (router on a stick) should work fine with the IPBASE license, but if your requirements include using other features like IPSEC based VPN tunnels, IOS Firewall, UCE, MPLS, etc... then you would need to purchase the additional license(s) and install on the ISR before these features are available at the command line.

      The following link should help answer some the IOS licensing models regarding the ISR G2 routers.

      Cisco Integrated Services Routers Generation 2



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        Re: Ehwic-1ge-sfp-cu

        Sir one more question today I add one of these module to my router it was showing me gig 0/0/0 interface and I now I want gig 0/0/1 by adding 2nd module. Do I get gig 0/0/1 on the same router ?