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Migration from LWAPP to Autonomus AP

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  • Migration from LWAPP to Autonomus AP

    Dear All,

    I hava a AIR-CAP1602i LWAPP without controller which i need to migrate to Autonomus AP.

    Can it be possible? most of the documents i read online they won't mention about 1600 series APs.

    Please help me in this regard and reply as soon as possible.


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    Re: Migration from LWAPP to Autonomus AP

    These are the instructions for the 1200 series if that would help. I assume you know how to connect to the WAP.

    Type the following commands (replacing <TFTP IP> with the IP address of your TFTP server configured earlier):

    Password = Cisco (or whatever you may have changed it to)
    debug capwap console cli
    archive download-sw tftp://<TFTP IP>/ap1g2-k9w7-tar.153-3.JAB.tar

    The IOS will now be downloaded from the TFTP server and installed, this will take a few minutes and when complete will see:
    Deleting current version: flash:/ap1g2-k9w8-tar.152-4.JB6.tar...done. (assuming it is the latest IOS version installed)
    New software image installed in flash:/ ap1g2-k9w7-tar.153-3.JAB.tar

    Configuring system to use new image...done.
    archive download: takes a couple of minutes
    Type > reload, the WAP will now reboot with the Autonomous IOS loaded.

    I would suggest a person familiar with Cisco look at this to make sure I haven't cocked up any commands. I have used this on a 1200 Series device without an issue.
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