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  • Cisco Switch Connections

    I have 7 switches 2960 and 2960g on the network right now, all catering to different services on the network. What i am trying to do now is add one more switch and
    connect these other 7 switches to the one switch 2960g so ill be able to put a work station and SSH to my other switches through the one switch and if needed make changes. How do i go about the setup? I'm new to networking.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Cisco Switch Connections

    How do you remote manage any of the existing switches now?

    If you aren't doing that now and are just starting out, you may want to get a network consultant in to go thru your network with you. He/she can show you how to add a switch so the network doesn't go down, and how to remote manage all the devices thru telnet/ssh from any device, or how to lock down said access so only specific PCs can make a remote connection.

    There are several issues to be considered in all of this, and it sounds like you may be in need of some hands-on training before you try tackling this much on your own.
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