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Help for Cisco 2960 48port switch not working

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  • Help for Cisco 2960 48port switch not working

    I had downloaded the template from the wiki for Cisco 48 port switch,unfortunately, it seems doesn't work.Are there other places where i can find WS-C2960S-48TS-L switch ? I also search the internet to find most people like to buy cisco product at [MOD EDIT] with reliable quality and competitive price.Can give me the advice if i want to buy switch on this website ?
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    Re: Help for Cisco 2960 48port switch not working

    When you say 'template', do you mean a sample config file, or did you download a Cisco IOS (operating system, filename ends in '.bin')?

    If it's a config, we can almost certainly help with you setting up a config which works. If it's an ISO, was the switch working before you copied the BIN file over and set it to boot from that?

    A little bit more description, please.
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