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Vlan setup by port/ Qos

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  • Vlan setup by port/ Qos

    I would like to find out what I would need to do to setup a switch inline with my existing Netgear Pro Safe RP614v4 router. I need to have vlan capability as well as QoS preferably by both port and address. With a network of 4 computers iMac, 2 Macbook Pros, and a Lenovo Laptop.

    I need to separate the iMac and one Macbook Pro from the other two. Is there a switch that you can recommend that would have this capability and be compatibly with my existing router?

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    Re: Vlan setup by port/ Qos

    After scanning thru the manual for your router, I don't think a switch, by itself, will get you where you want to be. Your existing router doesn't understand VLANs, so can't govern traffic handling for different subnets on it's own.

    You'll want either a managed switch which can do VLANs/QoS and another router, or a switch smart enough to operate at Layer 3 itself. Is this for home or business? Switch makers tailor for multiple price ranges, but you'll have to match up your needs at each step.
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      Re: Vlan setup by port/ Qos

      Cisco SG300, running in layer3 mode might acheive the aim.
      Going to be difficult though, if you want full separation of networks..
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