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Rebooting Routers Remotely

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  • Rebooting Routers Remotely

    I have a problem were we have a number of remote offices all with Cisco routers. Sometimes the routers need to be power cycled.

    When this happens we have to send an engineer to site as we cant access them remotely to reboot them. When the router goes down the internet & connectivity back to head office is list. We cant to allow staff in the comms rooms at each site for various security reasons.

    Does anyone know of any solutions how we could reboot these remotely without handing to pay for an engineer to physically visit site. This is very costly & takes way too long for them to get there. Ive also been advised we cant install any extra internet lines which makes things difficult.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on this?


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    Re: Rebooting Routers Remotely

    Assuming the router has not locked up and you can get access, there are remotely contolled power sockets e.g.

    I have use these to reboot network kit the hard way - switch offers a web interface (I used a backup ADSL line to ensure access, but could be over the main connection) so you can switch off or cycle individual sockets or the whole box

    For avoidance of doubt, do NOT put a UPS between the remote operated socket and the router
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      Re: Rebooting Routers Remotely

      I've done something very similar to what Ossian described; I use a USB transmitter/receiver capable of controlling a wide range of sockets designed for home automation. Since the software can be scripted, it would in fact be possible to have equipment power cycled automatically when certain conditions arise.

      I would just like to add that it's very unusual for a Cisco router to require a reboot. I have routers and ASAs that have been running continuously without issue for years.

      If these lock-ups are happening regularly for no obvious reason, you should perhaps consider upgrading the IOS or opening a service ticket with Cisco.


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        Re: Rebooting Routers Remotely

        Thanks for this but we have no internet connection when they go down so remotely accessing them will be impossible.

        Been speaking to one of the networking guys & he says he should be able to do a script to check for dropped pings every 2 mins. If after 5 missed pings (10 minutes of outage) issue a reset command on the router which should sort this out.

        Thanks for the help though, Im sure these will come in use for something else.


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          Re: Rebooting Routers Remotely

          We used to connect a phone line and modem to the router so that we could use that as an out of band method for accessing the router and rebooting it.


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            Re: Rebooting Routers Remotely

            Originally posted by joeqwerty View Post
            We used to connect a phone line and modem to the router so that we could use that as an out of band method for accessing the router and rebooting it.
            this is an option. dependent on the router, you could stick a 3G stick in it for failover..
            that way if the primary link drops, you can use the 3g to remote in and bring it back up

            i'd also consider putting some sort of syslog server on the local sites so you can try and determine what's causing the issue, rather than just stickytaping it when it occurs
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