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Cisco Linksys WRV210 VPN Issue

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  • Cisco Linksys WRV210 VPN Issue

    I have a Cisco WRV210 router replacing a Zyxel P660DH as a firewall replacement, i have had to upgrade the firmware on the WRV210 to get the HTTP management working properly and ive got almost everything configured but......

    The previous Zyxel box has a VPN on it and I want to bring it over to the Cisco seemlessly as the Zyxel im pretty sure is the initiator I dont think this will be a problem.

    Because the 2 boxes are different initiator cisco other end zyxel p660dh i presume(its far away). Its not so easy to marry up the settings and I have been unable to do so. Can anyone help or advise because support is closed for the weekend :/

    Here are the settings of the Zyxel P660DH initiator that is being directly replaced by the Cisco:
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    Re: Cisco Linksys WRV210 VPN Issue

    I don't know the options in the Linksys but if you're using DES and just posted your secret then you need to change it ASAP! Use 3DES or better yet AES256.

    You're probably better off just creating a new tunnel using the most secure protocols you can. SHA1 for auth and AES 256 for encryption. DH group 2 or better and PFS if it's an option. Be sure to choose a nice long random secret.

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