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ASA 5510 Backup

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  • ASA 5510 Backup

    what command can i use to backup my asa to a terminal server.

    i have a terminal server used as a data server. I have shared folders there. If i have a shared folder name IT, with a subfolder "cisco", and subfolder of cisco "ASA Backups", can i use the cli to backup, if so, what command would it be.

    I use putty


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    Re: ASA 5510 Backup

    Hi, not sure about directly to SMB but there is the command to do it by FTP.
    copy running-config ftp
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      Re: ASA 5510 Backup

      this is the beginning step

      2.Configure the FTP username and password.

      CE_2#config terminal
      CE_2(config)#ip ftp username cisco
      CE_2(config)#ip ftp password cisco123

      this is what happens

      ciscoasa(config)# ip ftp username cuddy
      ERROR: % Invalid input detected at '^' marker.
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        Re: ASA 5510 Backup

        I only use ftp like uk_network said,
        but did you try asdm?

        (Sry i am not allowed to post links, until i have reached 5 posts, but google for cisco asdm)


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          Re: ASA 5510 Backup

          i can do it by asdm, but wanted to do it using cli. ASDM will show all commands before sending except backing up.

          Have a way to do it though , through cisco support. Just copy and save as text, and paste when and if you need it.