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Ipsec with CA server

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  • Ipsec with CA server

    Hello Every one

    My name is Roee Kasir and I am Communication Integration Engineer .

    I manage to build Ipsec setup with 2 Cisco 3825 Routers successfully .
    Router Release is 12.4 .
    I am trying a few days to add third Cisco 3825 as CA server for the 2 Routers and receive ipsec tunnel between the 2 .
    I configured them and the CA according to what I saw in Cisco sites but unsuccessfully .
    I fail in the Enrollment with the CA after the authemtication .

    Does any one can assist with it ?
    Can anybody send working configuration.
    My target is to get Ipsec tunnel between 2 Cisco routers when third Router is the CA server .
    I think it should be simple but I don't success.

    thanku very much