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Cisco 3750x Router Config

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  • Cisco 3750x Router Config

    Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide. I am new to working with Cli and this project was more than I could handle. I have the switch working, just not well.

    Here is my situation:

    This summer I replaced a Router/firewall/content filter here at work ( server did the three functions) with a Cisco 5512-x, a new content filter, and a 3750x. My hope is that the 3750 can function as the core switch and router.

    We have two vlans 1 and 192

    Vlan 1 is for the normal network (yes I know I shouldn't use it, but that is another project)

    Vlan 192 is for a wireless guest network we have.

    The 3750x has:

    Port 1 - Goes to the firewall
    Ports 7-11 - Go to the network (cisco 2960 switches on vlan 1)
    Port 12 - Goes to an Aruba wireless controller

    I know it is not setup correctly because the Aruba wireless controller is not passing the IP address of the clients on the 192 vlan to the firewall. The traffic is getting there, but it is defaulting to use the IP of the controller.

    Any help anyone can give me on setting up this config is appreciated! I have changed things so many times at this point, I am thinking about resetting the switch to defaults and starting from scratch.

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    Re: Cisco 3750x Router Config


    I am now noticing that the arp table on the 3750-x is showing Incomplete for the hardware addresses on anything from the 192 vlan.


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      Re: Cisco 3750x Router Config

      Sounds as if your Aruba device isn't playing nice with the switch. I've got to ask this, because I found this out late, after we'd purchased a 3750-X switch with more than 12 ports: is the Aruba port that connects to your switch's Port 12 capable of 1Gig connection? If so, then is the Aruba port considered a switch port or routed port? It may not like talking to the Auto-MDX of the Cisco, and switch-to-switch has to use crossover cables. A lot of newer hardware auto-senses the connection type, but that may be the whole problem.

      If you run 'sh int te1/0/12', that will show you info about the port state and traffic stats. If there's a data corruption issue, you'll see various error fields with values more than zero. Try turning off auto-mdx sensing and try both a straight cable and a crossover cable.
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        Re: Cisco 3750x Router Config

        Thanks for the post, but I actually managed to get it straightened out last night. It was a problem on the Aruba controller and after upgrading and adjusting a few settings on our GuestWLAN I am happy to report it is now working flawlessly.