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1841 with Comcast help

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  • 1841 with Comcast help

    I have (2) 1841 router's and a 3550 switch. I'm trying to set up one of the 1841 router's with the switch to my Comcast modem. I've tried a few different configurations. My local IP addresses go from The Comcast modem is I have a real mess with what I have now, the modem, hub, and another 4 port router. I'd like to set up a lab with internet access, and clean up what I already have. I would compensate you for the help, maybe if you could show me what I'm doing, via webcam, etc.... It would be an incredible help, and motivation help. I have other Cisco equipment, only the (2) 1841's have 2 fa ports. Thanks for reading, Todd