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Reset Cisco 2960 to Factory Default

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  • Reset Cisco 2960 to Factory Default

    I have a number of 2960s that I have inherited and there is no documentation on the setup and NO passwords. I need to change setting so I can deploy WDS images which is not presently possible with the present switch configurations. By resetting I can hopefully accomplish this AND create documentation so the next idiot who takes over these sites doesn't go through the same hell as me.

    I have found the following instructions and need to know if these will take the switches back to Factory Defaults and allow me to run an Express Setup feature. I am a Cisco nuffy and know diddly squat about Cisco CLI so I request some confirmation on the validity of the below instructions I found at http://internationalmanofawesome.wor...the-passwords/

    Quite Basic process to reset a Cisco 2960G POE switch back to factory defaults if you donít know the passwords of the switch:
    1.   Hook up a console cable to the Console Port and use Putty or other serial client to view the Console session
    2.   Hold down the Mode button on the front of the switch and power it up
    3.   When the SYST light stops blinking, let go of the SYST button
    4.   You should see the switch booting up in your console session
    5.   When presented with switch: type flash_init and hit enter
    6.   Once it finishes loading, you need to delete some files in the flash. List the files by entering dir flash: (donít forget the : at the end)
    7.   Delete the config by entering del flash:config.txt
    8.   You may also have VLANS set up on the switch, so you need to delete that info as well, del flash:vlan.dat
    9.   Now type boot and hit enter to reboot the switch
    Thatís it. The switch will now go through a factory default boot up, and ask you if you want to configure it further.
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    Re: Reset Cisco 2960 to Factory Default

    Hi, to reset to defaults connect to the switch with a blue cisco console management cable.
    then log on and go to privileged mode like below.
    Router: en
    Router#erase startup-config
    answer "y" to confirm, then
    Router# del flash:vlan.dat (needed to remove vlans)
    Router# reload
    or power cycle it.

    Another guide I found is:

    Hope this helps.
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      Re: Reset Cisco 2960 to Factory Default

      Biggles77: those lines of instruction will do wha tyou want-return the switches to a factory default config. But one qualifier: the filename 'config.txt' should read 'startup-config'. That's the only mis-name I see.

      Bear in mind, when this happens, VLANs will stop working on each switch as you delete the configs and the vlan.dat files. Can you even get to a point where you can see the results of a 'show run' command? If so, make sure the terminal program you use (putty, hyperterminal, etc) has a lot of buffer or backscroll lines defined, so that the entire running config can be copy/pasted to a text file. At least then you'll have the old config for reference. That won't contain your VLAN data, but it's better than nothing.
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