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How to telnet router unknown ip address

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  • How to telnet router unknown ip address

    I am trying to reconfigure a network. This network has ISA server firewall connected to a sisco router 800 via the external NIC. I believe that there is misconfiguration in the network. The IP address of the external network card is & default gateway is I can ping from the isa server machine to, which is the default gateway but I can't do telnet. I am assuming that the is the IP address of the router. Is there any way to find the ip addresses of the router?
    Thanks in advanced

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    Re: How to telnet router unknown ip address

    It is not necessarily that telnet port is enabled on the router. i would suggest you to try to open the command prompt and try to connect SSH ports on the router
    telnet 22
    if it responds, download the putty.exe and use it to connect to 22 port.


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      Re: How to telnet router unknown ip address

      You'll need a serial cable and connect directly to the device. Cisco devices usually come with a rollover serial cable that is blue and has a DB9 female on one end and an RJ45 connector on the other end. You'll plug that into the port labeled Console on the Cisco.

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        Re: How to telnet router unknown ip address

        sorry my issue is different. may be you can assist me..

        Router Configurations
        hi Colleagues, i have a burning issue though i am not an expert in cisco routers but have very basic skills. i have 3 routers in 3 different sites. let me name them RT1,RT2,RT3. then i have ASA 5510 and 2960 cisco catalyst switch at each site. i also have ISA firewall.. i want to connect to a data center that is connected to these sites through fiber. rt1 address is, ASA is, ISA ip is, RT2-ip is, RT3 ip is, the DATA center ip is currently users at SITE 1 can access the DC well. users at Site 2 and site 3 connects via R1 to get to DC. all traffic is routed to pass through ASA not through ISA. how do i route the traffic to flow to the dc.
        NOTE: internet and applications are working locally to site B and Site C via SITE A router. pls assist to define a static route map...

        PLS help me


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          Re: How to telnet router unknown ip address

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