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Cisco PIX RDP Issue

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  • Cisco PIX RDP Issue

    Hi all,

    So basically I have a Cisco PIX that users are able to RDP and FTP into 2 different servers. Right now I'm having issues RDP to the server. I've been able to troubleshoot the issue and I can RDP into the server if I'm connected to the LAN with no issues, but not from outside. I ran a port scan on the outside IP Address and the router is not responding on any ports.
    I have the configuration of the Cisco PIX, but not at all familiar with Cisco PIX.

    I remember we had the same issue when we switched ISP and one of my colleagues had to put an additional command which he said had to be applied to the outside interface. I have no idea what that command was. Unfortunately, my colleague is not available. The Cisco PIX is not passing any traffic through.
    Can someone point me in the right direction?


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    Re: Cisco PIX RDP Issue

    Is this a port forwarding scenario or do these servers have public, routable IP addresses?

    If this used to work and then suddenly stopped working, there has to be a reason. Either someone altered the configuration on the PIX, or the firewall configuration on the server has changed. Make sure it is set to allow connections from outside the local network.

    When you switched ISP, your public IP address(es) changed. Since the PIX configuration usually contains direct references to IP addresses, it had to be reconfigured to reflect the changes.