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Cisco interoperability.

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  • Cisco interoperability.

    Hi Ladies and Gents,

    I had an allied telesys 24 port switch on my network and tried to use a cisco 800 series router to do my vlan routing, it took 2 weeks for to get to the point where I decided the this just isnt going to work. I got my hands on a cisco 2960 switch, replaced the telesys and vlan routing was up in 10 mins!!! I guess my question is, does anyone have any real world experiences using different brands of switches and routers for switching and routing or is interoperability of brands just a theory?

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    Re: Cisco interoperability.

    Inter-operability is not just a pipe dream, but it's not guaranteed, either. When you're talking about managed devices like switches & routers, the Cisco kit has industry-standard operations built-in, but it may not use them by default. And the names of some functions aren't necessarily the same between manufacturers, either.

    If you have only minimal experience with this sort of thing, the simplest thing to do is stick with one maker and bone up on the commands for those, to do what you want. Once you're confident with that kit, then you can branch out to other makes/models.

    If your management insists on buying mis-matched kit, make sure they hire in an advisor who already has the knowledge you're trying to learn.
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      Re: Cisco interoperability.

      Hello all. am very nw to this community and i feel i am int hre right hse.. i know i will learn alot and also train alot.

      i have a burning issue with ISA 2006. there is frequent disconnection after reconnecting. 1 minute the connection goes.. the log message " connection has exceeded the limits" pls help.