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Translate HP config to Cisco VLAN

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  • Translate HP config to Cisco VLAN


    I need some help to translate some HP config to Cisco. I hope someone can help me and maybe give me some explanation about the untagged statement and cisco. This is a part of the config:

    vlan 1
    untagged 1,5
    no untagged 2-4,5-24
    vlan 2
    name "VLAN2"
    tagged 1
    untagged 2-4,5-24
    ip address

    Thank you!

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    Re: Translate HP config to Cisco VLAN

    There is no corresponding "untagged" keyword in cisco IOS. On a cisco device all vlans by default are tagged except the native vlan. So just create your vlans which will be "tagged" by default. Whatever your native vlan turns out to be, it will be untagged by default.
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      Re: Translate HP config to Cisco VLAN

      Hi, this is my understanding of it. untagged is the same as the access mode command in cisco, so as above in vlan 1 untagged 1,5 means that ports 1 and 5 are the ports for vlan 1, vlan 2 has the lions share of the ports assigned untagged 2-4,5-24. Vlan 1 shows no untagged 2-4,5-24 because those ports belong to vlan 2
      Here is an example:

      int f0/1
      switchport mode access
      switchport access vlan 2

      vlan 2
      untagged 1

      A port that belongs to a unique VLAN and is untagged
      Cisco: Access mode
      ProCurve: Untagged

      VLAN Modes
      HP Procurve switches have four VLAN modes; "Untagged", "Tagged", "No", and "Forbid". Untagged mode is the equivalent of Access Mode in Cisco IOS terminology, which is used for end points, or devices not passing VLAN traffic forward (such as client ports; desktops, printers, etc.). Tagged mode is the same as Trunk mode in Cisco, which is used for ports that connect devices and are passing traffic forward (uplink or downlink ports on a switch or router). No mode means the physical port is not a part of the VLAN. Forbid mode restricts the port you added from communicating with that VLAN, regardless of any other tag setting.

      I hope this helps, HP didn't choose the most easy way to do things.
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        Re: Translate HP config to Cisco VLAN

        Thank you for your reply.

        I've test the config and read the info. It make sense now. Thanks again!