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Catalyst 2950 being kwirky

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  • Catalyst 2950 being kwirky

    I have a Catalyst 2950 that will work fine until a connection from a router is plugged in. I can console in and change configuration. Once I plug ethernet into the switch from a router all of the status port LEDs will go orange and the SYST led will blink green.

    This is what the console session showed:

    00:31:38: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: System previously crashed with the f ollowing message:
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Crash info file is flash:/crashinfo/ crashinfo_3423
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED:
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: C2950 Software (C2950-I6Q4L2-M), Ver sion 12.1(11)EA1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Compiled Wed 28-Aug-02 10:25 by anto nino
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Signal = 10, Code = 0x8, Uptime 00:0 8:30
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: r0: 00000000, AT: 00000000, v0: 8080 0000, v1: 00000007
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: a0: 80670000, a1: 0000E700, a2: 80E1 8FE4, a3: 00000000
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: t0: A08F8DFC, t1: 1000E701, t2: 1000 0000, t3: FFFF00FF
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: t4: 802F3CF0, t5: 00000001, t6: 0000 0000, t7: 00000000
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: s0: 807C0000, s1: 00000000, s2: 0000 0000, s3: 00000001
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: s4: A08F8DEE, s5: 00000008, s6: 80D2 9D88, s7: 00000001
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: t8: 00000000, t9: 00000000, k0: 0000 0000, k1: 00000000
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: gp: 8073C620, sp: 80D38630, s8: 0000 0000, ra: 8043C34C
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: EPC: 8043B7DC, ErrEPC: 802F19B8, Bad VA: 0x00000005, SREG: 1000E703
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Cause: 0x00000008 (code 2): TLB (loa d or ifetch) exception
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Signal 10, Exception code (0x000!
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED:
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Frame 00: SP = 0x80D38630 PC = 0x 8043B7DC
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Frame 01: SP = 0x80D38688 PC = 0x 8043C34C
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Frame 02: SP = 0x80D38708 PC = 0x 801BEBE4
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Frame 03: SP = 0x80D38720 PC = 0x 801BEBD0
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED:
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED:
    00:59:39: %PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: -Traceback= 8043B7DC 8043C34C 801BEB E4 801BEBD0
    % Please answer 'yes'

    Help please!

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    Re: Catalyst 2950 being kwirky

    When you say the switch works until the router connection is made, do you mean that several devices can talk to each other through the switch, and then the switch crashes with the router plug-in?

    What model of router are you using? What kind of cables are you using, cross-over or straight? What ports are you plugging into at each end of this cable? Can you list the running configs for both the switch and the router here so we can see what the ports are supposed to be doing?

    The crash dump text gives the OS version as 12.1(11), compiled in 2002. That's over a decade old, and things have moved on since then. While I would expect std Cisco devices to just work for basic traffic, there may be a versioning issue between the 2 devices.

    Lots of questions to answer, but we need info to go further.
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      Re: Catalyst 2950 being kwirky

      2950's are really old, and that code is ancient. Could be a software/hardware issue with the switch or a problem with the router your plugging into it. I would test with a client and see if it is stable. Switch to router is a straight through cable so make sure your cabling is right. Try moving the router to a different port on the switch. IMO if this is production, replace it.
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