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Cisco Layer 3 with clustering capability

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  • Cisco Layer 3 with clustering capability

    First off I am not a Cisco expert! I have to re-implement a small network to convert a router (eth ports routing only) and a layer 2 switch into a cluster of two layer 3 switch clustered. I have looked at Cisco 3550 EMIs with HSRP but I would like to implement based on newer models of Cisco switches. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Cisco Layer 3 with clustering capability

    What is the goal of this? HSRP is cisco proprietary. Your better off with VRRP which is an industry standard. If you have all cisco switches then its not much of a big deal but if you implement other brand's of switches VRRP is the way to go. HSRP, VRRP and GLBP are all gateway redundancy protocols. IE if one gateway fails it will automatically switch over to the other. By clustering I think you mean managing your switch stack with a single ip address. Cisco has "stackwise" ports to do this. I recommend the 3750's. They are older but still very good.
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