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IP address range to VLAN

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  • IP address range to VLAN


    I need to assign a range of ip address to VLAN; I need to a have two VLANs for my wifi users, on the same subnet ( So I will configure my AP with two SSIDs with two VLANs. SSID MNGR will be having ip range between - and SSID USRS will be having ip range between -

    So how can I assign ip ranges to vlans

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    Re: IP address range to VLAN

    The only way I see to do the addressing you want would be to create reservations on the dhcp server for your clients. With this you would need to manually enter the mac addresses of your wireless clients within the dhcp scope on your dhcp server so they receive the proper address.

    Another option would be to use VLSM and create subnets from the network. This would make each subnet a separate network.
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