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  • routing

    hey hi all
    A day before i was trying to setup network using switch and router with the help of packet tracer by using vslm

    In my network their are three router and three switch connected to each switch where my router interface has /30 subnet which is directly connected to another router and interface which is connected to switch is assigned /29.
    I'm using class C ip address so i used to for /30
    and then after ip where used for /29
    but when i was trying to assigned i get an error of invalid subnet
    but when i extend my range of /30 till192.168.0.48
    then it allow me to assigne me
    as it fall's in /29 range by default
    so can any one help me to resolve my problem
    thank's in advance

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    Re: routing

    What exactly is the problem? A diagram with the current addressing would be nice. The only thing I can think of is that you are using overlapping subnets.
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      Re: routing

      ok auglan I'll post my packet traces diagram to you very soon