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Allowing VPN on Cisco PIX through ADSL router

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  • Allowing VPN on Cisco PIX through ADSL router

    At work we have an ADSL router which sits in front of a PIX Firewall. The router didn't have any port forwarding config on it. All traffic passed through it and into the PIX.

    The ADSL router has had to be replaced, so we have a temporary one in place (HG523a from TalkTalk).

    It connected up to our ISP no problems but I couldn't get anything in to our web or mail servers. The only thing I could see that was set on the old router was that DMZ was enabled with the IP address as the outside interface of the PIX.

    I set the same on the new router and the web server and mail started working.

    One thing that doesn't work though is the VPN, which is all on the PIX. I set up some ports through the port mapping screen (TCP: 1723, 47, 1702, 1701; UDP: 500, 4500).

    We can now connect up to the VPN but once connected cannot see any machines on the network.

    Does anyone know of any other ports I can open or anything else I may be missing?

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    Re: Allowing VPN on Cisco PIX through ADSL router

    where you said you opened TCP 47, do you mean you opened TCP Port 47, or TCP Protocol 47 (GRE) ?

    once you get a client connected, take a look at the IP configuration adn see what it tells you
    Take a look at the routing as well..

    when you say you cna't connect to internal machines, have you tried pinging just IP addresses ?
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      Re: Allowing VPN on Cisco PIX through ADSL router

      I assume the router is a dsl modem/router. You should be able to put the modem in bridge mode.
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