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Cisco 2600 Series Router

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  • Cisco 2600 Series Router

    Hello, I'm a beginner with the cisco devices and I am currently taking a networking class at school, but havent done to much with cisco routers besides the basics. At my house I have a 2600 series router and a 3550 switch. I want to make a home lab network using these 2 devices. I have an at&t modem router and I have the cisco router cabled to that at&t router from Fa0/0. I have the switch cabled into the cisco router Fa0/1. Now where I am stuck is on the router. I cannot access the internet and not sure what I need to configure.

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    Re: Cisco 2600 Series Router

    I would bridge the ATT dsl modem and let the 2600 handle ppoe, nat etc. If the 3550 is going to be acting as a layer 2 switch then you can create subinterfaces for your vlans/subnets off the fa0/1 interface or enable routing on the 3550 and create your SVI's and vlans there and route to the 2600. Alot of options available.
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