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Lab Setup for VPN Test

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  • Lab Setup for VPN Test


    I have a couple of ASA 5505s that were given to me and I would like to setup a bit of a lab experiment. The problem is I don't really know how I can setup an environment to a site to site VPN. Google University doesnt really mention much on the subject in terms of the what would be needed for an isolated lab test. Right now I am trying it with a switch but I have a feeling that isn't right.

    What do I need to connect the ASAs so I can make a mock VPN tunnel?

    Thank you in advance!!

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    Re: Lab Setup for VPN Test

    A switch between the ASA's is fine. If its a managed switch then just put both ports connected to the ASA in the same vlan, then just put ip addresses on the ASA interfaces connecting to the switch in the same subnet. IF you have a layer 3 switch you could put each ASA in a different subnet and route to each subnet with the L3 switch. Really doesnt matter though as the configuration is the same for each scenario. The L3 switch for example would simulate the "internet" cloud. You could also use a crossover cable for a direct connection with the same results.
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